Uzumaki June
"Meow" ~ Uzumaki June
Name Uzumaki June
Reddit Username Unknown
Nickname n/a
Gender Female
Age 12
Status Alive
Height 30cm
Weight 3.5kg
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan n/a
Family n/a
Ninja Rank Ninneko
Classification n/a
Team n/a
Occupation Cat
Nature Type(s) None

General Details Edit



Personality Edit

June is a quiet Ninneko (Ninja Cat) that lives with a normal Uzumaki family. Being a Ninneko, she has learned how to read, write and speak English and Japanese incredibly well. She can be considered highly intelligent and extremely literate.

Beyond that, June is a very kind and friendly type of cat. She enjoys green tea, reading books, and hanging out with her best friend - Uchiha Itame. She is often show with a very sarcastic and occasionally condescending personality, though this is usually balanced out with her somewhat childish nature.

Oddly enough, a mutation at birth has given June an extra tail, though this doesn't bother her.

Character does not exist meowww


Background Edit

June has grown up from kitten to cat with her Uzumaki family. She enjoys their company, and of course their food, and they shower her with love and affection. Despite this, she has always been one to do her own thing. Becoming a ninneko as part of an Uzumaki tradition at the age of just 1, June went through a kind of ninja cat schooling to learn how to read, write and speak Japanese very early on.

On the day of her 1st birthday, she met a 3 year old Itame Uchiha who gave her a stale loaf of bread that he had been saving for some time. They quickly became the best of friends and talked for hours upon hours of every day. June taught Itame how to read and write, while Itame helped June train to become a ninneko.

Once Itame was old enough to enter the ninja academy and June became a full fledged Ninneko, their time spent together dwindled away. Now that Itame has finally made Genin, their friendship resembles something of the old days once again. They can always be found reading books together, drinking green tea at the secret ninneko cat cafe or just relaxing under a tree.

Combat Style Edit

June stares her opponents into submission with a technique she calls "Cat's-Eye Hypnotism" - it doesn't actually do anything..


She's just a cat you monster!