The Village is my family. I will protect it. With my life. - Rai's Ninja Way

Personality Edit

Rai is incredibly proud. He takes pride in his Village, in his clan and in himself. Because of this pride he will never accept excuses or giving up in himself or other. If someone insults him, his clan and especially his Village he will often retaliate in some way. For the most part he has a laid back often relaxed and calm demeanor. He's almost never smiling, but has a nonchalant expression on his face most of the time. In his mind a shinobi's first duty must always be to his Village even to the point of death. Rai cares about people but doesn't care what most people think of him. Rai will always speak the truth where its his truth to speak. He holds a place in his heart for the weak and for kids. Rai tends to be forward thinking and sometimes makes plans on his own

Background Edit

Rai was born and raised during the Warring States Period. The war cost him 2 brothers he never got to meet. He is the only child of his family to survive, albeit not unharmed. He was left with a scar over his eye. He has a tattoo above his heart to remember his fallen.

When the war ended Rai's parents were among those who moved to Konoha. However his uncle and cousins were of a different opinion, refusing to live among former enemies and "their families murderers". Losing so much of his own family through the years, Rai has chosen to treat Konoha as his extended family and protects it as such.

Combat Style Edit

Rai is focused intently on Taijutsu use. He utilizes a fighting style designed to constantly attack the opponent, giving them little or no time to attack or come up with strategies. Using his sword as an extension of his own body he attacks without mercy or hesitation, while also thinking and forming plans. When he masters the skill he will begin incorporating chakra flow through both body and weapon for stronger attack. He has no techniques geared to defend him

Stats Edit

Body Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Strength 15 1.5
Speed 15 1.5
Mind 10 1.0
Chakra 10 1.0
Control 10 1.0
Total 60 6

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Taijutsu 20 1
Ninjutsu 20 1
Genjutsu 0 0
Total 40 2

Items Edit

Rai's sword
Ryo 1000

Kunai (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Shuriken (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Sword: An iron sword Rai uses