Background Edit

The Hitori people tend to look a little rough around the edges, but there is more to them than their appearance.  Their most notable visual feature is their proclivity for green hair, though it is more common to see other shades of browns, black and gray.  Within close proximity, one will notice a powerful odor that comes from their breath.  With practice this scent can be kept under control, but it is not unusual for young Hitori children to be comically unaware of how foul they smell to normal people.  The clan is well numbered in a small territory within the Land of Hot Springs.  The people themselves could be considered a little boorish or rural, but they did manage to establish forms of trade outside their territory, as well as learning the trade of mining sulfur, which is abundant within the area they call home.

Inner Workings Edit

The clan seems nearly devoid of politics, but there are some who view themselves as leaders of sorts. There is at least one family that seems to believe itself as some sort of royalty, but their claims are dubious and they are not particularly respected. There is a group of trouble making Hitori that are errant firebugs, much to the chagrin and fear of their clan mates. Living in a chemically active area naturally increases the risks of fire usage, but these lunatics don't seem to care. In response, groups with an affinity for water nature chakra mobilized themselves to keep their brethren in check, as well as to protect the sulfur mines, which is arguably the clan's greatest trading resource.

Clan Trait Edit

People who share the Hitori blood produce a chemical in their body, a sort of organosulfur, which smells downright awful.  It manifests itself primarily in their breath, smelling like a combination of rotten eggs, skunk spray and garlic. One man who left the family behind developed hiden techniques utilizing Yang Release to manipulate the density and shape of this chemical when purposefully released from his body, allowing him to grasp foes, small objects and even create a hand for defense.  With practice, anyone of the same bloodline should be capable of reproducing these techniques.

Known Members Edit

Kotomaru Hitori

Nodomaru Hitori